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Services - Petroleum Products

We specialize in the trading of crude oil, liquefied gas and fuel products. Such products better known as D2, CST380, MEREY CRUDE OIL ,BLCO JP54 MAZUT AND D6 OIL.  St Benedict Biscop Benedictine corporation is an agent for global energy refineries and suppliers. We deliver to a variety of clients, including major oil relied companies, government purchasing agencies and industrial end-users.

Our regional expertise, strategic and logistical formula has qualified us to supply these products to developed and emerging economies throughout the world. We believe in the concept of keeping it simple and making it work has made the difference in today’s economy.

St Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corporation provides a quality range of financial consulting services to our investors, the company we are involved with including the projects that we manage. We specialize in assisting companies develop realistic strategic formula thus enabling them to increase the growth rate of their businesses in both the economic boom and times of recession. We identify ways to strengthen management and to create an appropriate capital structure in order to cultivate growth.

Our aim is to assist you with the following:

Business Development Strategies

Our key campaign to provide a quality support to our client were as follows:

  • Create a Strategic Marketing Plan to accommodate changing client demands and market dynamics.
  • Understanding the economic trends and to steer our client toward the right market opportunity.
  • Promote the right services and solutions to satisfy market need.
  • Developing pricing methods that are competitive in today's market.
  • Developing strategies to expand awareness to our client's primary market goals using multi-media technology and other creative formation.

Due Diligence Reviews

We conduct research and evaluate a target company or its assets for acquisition before vouching for a company or project to our clients.

Organizational Planning

  • Identify our client's short and long term goals.
  • Structure a specific strategy to accommodate client needs.
  • Provide impeccable staffing formation and management team.

Strategic Alliances
Legal advisory and support on hand
Public notary support

Services provided in the international land real estate department are:

  • Land deeds copy and originals as final sale
  • Land registry report
  • Land evaluation report
  • Contract of sale report
  • Contract of participation
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Full on site support by one of our St Benedict Biscop representatives

Base on our wide range of knowledge and expertise in different international markets, we at St Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corporation can quickly analyze a system/market trend and make swift decisions to protect our share holders' investment safety as a principal yet providing our investors with the best suitable investment opportunity in the present market. This is done based on the world economic studies and its economic trend that we may be working with at the present time.

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