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Working together Today, the market for Real Estate Land and Petroleum Products are in the midst of a revolution that is creating remarkable investment opportunities.

As one of Canada 's most sought-after property land sale and petroleum product consulting service companies, we at St. Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corporation are committed to providing value products to meet your financial investment goals. We follow strict guidelines to make customer satisfaction and client relationships our priority, and we are rewarded by a high level of loyalty and repeat business. 

With our extensive resources and excellent support infrastructure, the approach we carry forward to our customers is based upon small teams, simple lines of communication and a personal touch creating that key difference in today's business world. We give our clients the opportunity to reap maximum benefits from their investments in terms of turnover and market share.

Known for professionalism and integrity, our team of specialists is highly experienced and knowledgeable in Real Estate Land Sales, Petroleum and its secondary products including D2, JP54, BLCO crude oil, D6 and other crude oils. What sets us apart from our competitors is in-depth knowledge of fluctuating markets, and the political and economic conditions that influence them. 

At St. Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corporation we follow the simple structure of placing ourselves in your shoes. We listen and understand your needs and your financial situation before we take that second step in guiding and advising you toward the best recommended private-placement debt equity.

“We believe that opportunity has a way of rewarding those who act on it.”
- St. Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corporation

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St. Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corp.
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