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"An English monastic founder, born of a noble Anglo-Saxon family, c. 628; died 12 January 690, Benedict spent his youth at the court of the Northumbrian King Oswy. When he was twenty-five years old, he made the first of his five pilgrimages to Rome. On his return to England, Benedict introduced, whenever he could, the religious rites as he saw them practiced in Rome. Soon afterwards he made a second pilgrimage, stopping on his return at Lérins in 666, to take the religious habit. When he returned to Rome two years later, Pope Vitalian sent him and the monk Adrian as advisers with Theodore, the newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury . After two years, in 671, he resigned this office and made another pilgrimage to Rome. During this and his two succeeding pilgrimages to the city of the Apostles, he collected numerous relics, books, and paintings for the monasteries of Wearmouth and Jarrow, the former of which he founded in 674, the latter in 682. He also engaged Abbot John, Arch-cantor of St. Peter's in Rome , to teach Roman chant at these monasteries. Benedict was the first to introduce into England the building of stone churches and the art of making glass windows. His festival is observed on 12 February."

The Story of St. Benedict Biscop Benedictine Corporation

Our founding father, Mr. Murray Allen McCance entered an Abbey in Massachusetts, USA, on the 6th of October, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty. As a Monk in the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (popularly known as ‘Trappists‘), he began a life entirely immersed in The Rule of Saint Benedict.

While at the Abbey he learned how to construct vestments worn by Priests in the sanctuary during religious ceremony. Also, to make habits worn by Monks and Lay Brothers during their daily lives.

Eventually, it was determined by his Abbot that he was more suited to the life of an intellectual than that of a Monk. He left the Abbey and took the Abbots advice, entering university studies in fine arts and history. He supported himself by selling vestments he made, to Priests at various parishes throughout Canada and the United States. Some were sold in Europe as well, and over the years he became known worldwide as a renowned designer of these beautiful garments. He was also able, as his education progressed, to teach at the university as well, providing some additional income. It came to his attention, while selling these vestments to the Priests, that some needed help in the renovation of their churches. They would ask him for his advice on the proper design for the sanctuary. This led to a new business dedicated to church renovation and new church construction as well. It was during this growth period from vestment construction to church renovation and construction that he hired a new apprentice by the name of Robert Wilson, who is now the CEO of the current corporate structure.

Mr. Wilson started working with Mr. McCance when he was helping the Government of Ontario build the Fort William Historical Park at Thunder Bay, Ontario . This historical park is still a functioning tourist attraction in Ontario to this day, and they are both very proud to have been able to contribute to its creation in such a big way. Please see more info in our links section.

Many more church renovation projects followed and they are listed in the past projects section of this site. The market for church renovation and construction is not open to all companies. Also, each individual project can take two or more years to complete, and there have been long gaps in time between projects. This time was initially filled with smaller housing work. Mr. Wilson had some experience as a real estate sales agent and realized the great need for house design and renovation. Some investigation on the part of both Mr. McCance and Mr. Wilson revealed more than one company willing to accept their design and project managerial skills with their housing developments. They are also listed along, with custom home design projects completed, on the past projects page. Mr. McCance has now retired. He is however, still available to us for consultation with experienced advice and we are grateful.

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